Greetings from Bucharest!

I’m fresh off an evening run and felt compelled to write this post immediately. Why? Because my routine changed, the conditions changed, and I was starting to let running take a back seat. And from past experience, I recognized that this was a huge warning sign. It also doesn’t help that I’m annoyingly picky when it comes to running as I only like ideal conditions. I mean, who doesn’t right? The early morning dewy air, a cool 60 degrees, maybe a slight overcast, and on a tried-and-true trail is the absolute best!

But everything about my “conditions” was not ideal. I’m in a new country, I don’t know my way around, and it’s hot and humid. Yes, these are all lame excuses but that didn’t stop me from trying to rationalize why I shouldn’t run today. But I knew that if I allowed myself to make these excuses like I have in years past, I would eventually find myself getting nudged off course.

Accountability Matters

This was one of those times when accountability kicked in at the right time. I don’t exactly know why being accountable to someone else is so powerful, but it is, and I’m glad for it. What kept me from missing my run was reaching out to a friend, FFTFL teammate and FFTFL’s Head Coach, Rik. We check-in with each other almost daily to make sure we’re staying on course, or rather, I’m staying on course. I can be the problematic one of this accountability duo. LOL!

I texted Rik to tell him I’m leaving work and heading back to the hotel to run on the treadmill. I thought detailing out the plan would help somehow… Plus, he already knows I don’t like running in the evenings. And the last time I said I was going to run in the evening, I didn’t, so I wasn’t going to lie this time!

Try Listening to a Podcast

The run itself felt easy enough but also seemed unusually long. I’m convinced the distance on the treadmill display never really moves! I decided the music I was playing wasn’t going to cut it this time and switched to a podcast. If you guys haven’t tried listening to a podcast during a run, I highly recommend it! When I start to struggle, listening to a story shifts my focus away and my legs naturally go into auto pilot mode.

Change Your Perspective

Before I knew it, I was done, and that felt incredibly satisfying. Wins come in different forms and this time it came in the form of recognizing that I wasn’t going to let the change in my environment affect the goals I had set out to do. The truth is, we’re constantly hit with distractions and changes in life, but it’s how you respond that makes the biggest difference.

Hope everyone is having a great week! Talk soon.

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Ada Wong was an original FFTFL Team member Runner#4. Learn more about her original journey and being on The Biggest Loser.