Investing in From Fat to Finish Line

Investing in From Fat to Finish Line

You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers!

We recently launched a Title III Equity crowdfunding campaign. We are excited to offer you the opportunity to invest in and own a part of From Fat to Finish Line !

We recognize the concept of investing money into a company is new for some of you. And investing money through a crowdfunding campaign is an especially new idea.

We received some great questions from many of you so we decided to come up with a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) sheet to answer some of those questions.

You can learn more about how you can invest in From Fat to Finish Line here.

How much can I invest?

The minimum investment is $150. Investors are limited in the amount they can invest based on the following criteria:

  • If either the annual income or the net worth of the investor is less than $100,000, the investor is limited to the greater of $2,000 or 5% of the lesser of his or her annual income or net worth.
  • If the annual income and net worth of the investor are both greater than $100,000, the investor is limited to 10% of the lesser of his or her annual income or net worth, to a maximum of $100,000.
Why do they ask for my bank information?

You must provide your bank information to enable funds transfer to purchase the stock. StartEngine uses SSL Certificate protection that encrypts your information for your protection. If you are not comfortable entering your banking information you may also invest via a wire transfer.

Can I use a credit card?

No, you must invest via direct transfer from your bank account or a wire transfer. At this time StartEngine does not have the ability to accept credit cards for investments.

What about the Perks?

Unlike donation or rewards-based crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter, you are not pledging. You are purchasing stock in our company and becoming a part owner of the company. The perks are simply a thank you for larger investments.

If I invest more later and reach a perk level does that count?

Yes, you receive all the perks available based on your total investment at the close of the campaign. Perks are cumulative so if you invest $1,500 you get the memberships, owner jacket, and the spot on the Ragnar team.

Can I sell my stock?

Under U.S. securities laws, during the first year that you own the Class A Common Stock, your shares can only be resold under the following circumstances:

  • In an IPO;
  • To the Company;
  • To an accredited investor; or
  • To a member of your family or the equivalent, to a trust controlled by you, to a trust created for the benefit of a member of your family or the equivalent, or in connection with your death or divorce or other similar circumstance.

After a year you will be able to sell your stock on the open market. StartEngine is planning to launch their secondary marketplace for trading such stock soon.

How do I get my stock?

We are using a SEC Registered Transfer Agent to handle stock issuance. Your stock will be issued electronically. Once the campaign is closed you will receive an automated “certificate” (.pdf) and investor log-on information so you can track your investment.

Will there be reporting?

Yes, not only will the annual report be available via the transfer agent’s site, all investors will receive it via email in addition to news and information throughout the year via our investor relations group.

Interested in investing?

Visit our Campaign page for more information and details.

Become an Owner of From Fat to Finish Line through Crowdfunding!

Become an Owner of From Fat to Finish Line through Crowdfunding!

It’s easier than you think.



What if I told you that for roughly the fee of a marathon race entry you could be part owner of From Fat to Finish Line? It’s true! You don’t have to settle for just being a member of FFTFL, you can also become part owner of this empowering company that’s changing lives. How? Through regulation crowdfunding.

Crowdfunding? To be honest, when I first heard about investing through regulation crowdfunding, my head was spinning. It’s exciting but I’m no financial wiz and this was completely over my head! I’m a filmmaker, blogger, mom and mediocre runner. Yes, I’m also Chief Marketing Officer of From Fat to Finish Line but I had to do so much research and ask so many questions to grasp this. I think I finally understand it. Well, most of it.

If you’ve heard of KickStarter or Indiegogo then you’re already familiar with a related concept. With those platforms, you donate some money to support a company you believe in and you get some swag in return.

With regulation crowdfunding, you invest a certain amount of money to own stock in a company you believe in. Which means our financial wins become your wins. You get a piece of the pie if the company enjoys success. (And depending on how much you invest we might throw in some swag too.)


Regulation Crowdfunding only became a possibility this past May thanks to the passing of Title Ill of the JOBS Act (aka Regulation Crowdfunding or Reg CF). Now companies like From Fat to Finish Line are allowed to raise up to $1,000,000 from the public through equity crowdfunding using FINRA registered funding portals like StartEngine Capital.

We chose StartEngine Capital as our funding portal based on our diligent research and their reputation. Because fundraising this way is so new, we are super excited to not only be one of the early startups to do this but also one of the few woman-led companies to do so.

There are rules, risks and regulations involved and you’ll have to learn all about that before you’re even allowed to try to invest. For starters, there are rules on how much you can invest based on your annual income, net worth, and other investments. There is also an investment cancellation period in case you change your mind. To get the most comprehensive and up to date information on these rules and to determine whether and how much you can invest, you will have open an account with StartEngine on their website at

Still with me? Whew. I know! Lots to learn.


Making the decision to crowdfund was not an easy decision nor was it easily executed. We needed to hire accountants and lawyers to comb through our books, verify our spending, make sure our company is legally sound and create our offering. Similar to a company whose shares are traded on a stock exchange, our business operations need to be an open book so investors understand what their money is going towards. Some of the things we’ve had to do:

  • Angela and myself had to Pass Bad Actor checks (;
  • Our company had to complete a legal and financial review by lawyers and CPSs;
  • We had to pass a Compliance Due Diligence Review by Start Engine and, most important,
  • The US Securities and Exchange Commission must approve our company based on the Form C and our financial records.

All of this will be available for the public and investors to view on the SEC Edgar website.

Still wondering if investing is right for you? Check out this nifty infographic that lays it all out:

Infographic Are You Ready to Invest?


There are always some risks involved when you make any sort of financial investment in a startup.  New crowdfunding vehicles offer an exciting new opportunity for those willing to take a chance on companies they believe in. Here are a few reasons to invest in From Fat to Finish Line: 

  • Taking ownership of the tribe you love will keep you even that much more focused on your own personal health and fitness goals.
  • Your investment will help fund new training programs, resources, team events, merchandise and other items that will support you and others in your running and fitness journey.
  • While risky, you could be making a financial investment which could grow in the years to come.
  • You’ll personally be helping people to live longer, avoid illness and lead better lives by taking ownership of this rewarding movement which is empowering, inspiring and teaching people worldwide how to get healthy and reach their finish lines.


Ready to further explore how you can personally invest in From Fat to Finish Line? Follow this link to our StartEngine campaign page!

Please reach out with questions. Also feel free to pass this along to anyone you think would appreciate this investment opportunity.

Thank you and see you at the finish line!

From Fat to Finish Line Community: The State of the Union

From Fat to Finish Line Community: The State of the Union

Hello From Fat to Finish Line community!

We want to share with you From Fat to Finish Line’s State of the Union. For those who don’t know me, I’m Angela Lee, the director of the film, CEO of From Fat to Finish Line, and most importantly a member of the tribe. Yes, we’re more than just a Facebook group.

Since the group’s inception almost 3 years ago, we’ve gone from a few hundred people who give each other moral support to a community of almost 10,000. Some of us have lost 30, 50, or even 100 lbs in those 3 short years. Many of us have ditched medication, lowered triglycerides, and returned to normal blood pressure. We’ve shared major milestones, whether it be running our first mile or our first marathon. We’ve all had our ups and downs along the way, but even when we stumble or struggle, the tribe is there to get us back on track. Our common bond is that we understand each other. For most of us, a healthy lifestyle doesn’t come easy.

In November 2015, we had an epic team event at the Rock ‘n’ Roll races in Las Vegas. Over 100 of us traveled from all over the world to meet fellow members from the FFTFL team. We bonded over stories, screened the film, and raced together. This year we did it again at Rock ‘n’ Roll Virginia Beach and at three separate Road Runner Sports Craft Classic races – San Diego, Atlanta, and Phoenix. Two of you ran your first 5k at these events and are now mentoring others! That’s the spirit of what this community is all about.

In order to keep this tribe alive, and keep on doing amazing things, here’s what you need to know:

From Fat to Finish Line needs to become a business.

That won’t change the heart of the movement, just the way we do certain things. So far, we’ve personally financed all the team events as well as put money into developing an app, which still needs much work. We need to raise money so we can plan exciting team events and create tools and resources to ensure everyone can reach their finish line goals. This group is not going away and there will always be free levels of involvement. We have grand plans for this amazing tribe!

We are looking to:

  • Develop more training plans – complete with support systems. Our first “Run Your First Mile” participants have begun crossing that finish line. And those of you serving as mentors are helping them realize that success.
  • Plan more team events. Dublin and Las Vegas are already on the schedule for 2017.
  • Produce more merchandise (let us know if there’s something you’d like to see us carry).
  • Finish our mobile app which will deliver training plans, let you cheer on your teammates, and find others to train and race with.
  • and many more tools to keep getting all of us to our finish lines.

Our team currently consists of:

Angela Lee, Co-founder and CEO
Jennifer Roe, Co-Founder and Chief Marketing Officer
Rik Akey, Head Running Coach
Cynthia Akey, Chief Operations Officer
John Hulsey, Team Captain (aka Captain Awesome)
Nora Breuker, Community Manager & Event Planner
Karen Curtis, Chief Technology Officer
Dave Johnson, Chairman of the Board

Dave, Cynthia, Angela, Jennifer, and Karen

Dave, Cynthia, Angela, Jennifer, and Karen


From Fat to Finish Line Womens Shirt Nora


From Fat to Finish Line Men's sleeveless tank




Several of you have expressed interest in helping out (and we’ve already taken a couple of you up on it). There are many ways to become involved. From providing feedback about what you’d like to see us develop, to working on specific projects, to becoming official FFTFL running mentors, there are opportunities. Additionally, if you’re a certified running coach (or would like to become one) and are interested in helping us develop that part of the community, please let us know.

We believe that no one should ever have to run alone and that everyone has an athlete within themselves. We are excited about the future of this team but we can’t build it alone.

Stay tuned because we have a big announcement coming in early 2017.

Please join our email list so we can keep you posted about how you can help your tribe!

Thank you for sharing your journey and celebrating your triumphs with us, and most importantly, for being a part of our tribe.

From Fat to Finish Line Film Release Date

From Fat to Finish Line Film Release Date

July 1, 2016 | Los Angeles, CA


12 formerly obese Americans team up to run a 200-mile relay from Miami to Key West, FL, in documentary film, From Fat To Finish Line

Gravitas Ventures will release the inspirational feature-length documentary From Fat To Finish Line on iTunes and other VOD platforms on August 2, 2016.

From Fat To Finish Line documents the journey of 12 formerly obese people who team up to run a 200 mile Ragnar Relay Race. The film examines the trials, obstacles and triumphs which occur when tackling big goals like losing weight and crossing finish lines.

Producer, Jennifer Roe was invited on to the team because of her own weight loss story. Roe soon realized that her teammate’s inspirational weight loss stories, coupled with the challenging feat in front of them would make for a great documentary film. The film highlights themes such as persistence, dealing with setbacks, and achieving goals. Alongside Roe, Media Meld Studios’, Angela Lee makes her directorial debut and together they teamed with Producer Lauren Avinoam of LA Publicity to produce the story.

Runners featured in the film include stay-at-home mom, Katie Foster who lost 125 pounds, and pens the successful “Runs For Cookies” blog, Jen Small who went from a cigarette-smoking 255-point couch potato to a sponsored Triathlete and Ada Wong, runner-up from Season 10 of the Biggest Loser, who lost 99 pounds while on the show.

“Our hope is to inspire and motivate others to take control of their health through making good nutritional choices and exercise a priority,” says Rik Akey, captain of the team who is featured in the film.  “We believe that if we can do it, anyone can.  We hope this project helps us to ‘Pay it Forward’ to others.”

The film has already begun to ‘pay it forward.’ Early buzz has inspired thousands of new runners worldwide to find the “From Fat to Finish Line” online group and begin their own running and weight loss journeys.

“We hoped this film would inspire others but we never anticipated the positive impact it would have on us,” said Director Angela Lee of herself and Producer Jennifer Roe, “We have taken on our own new physical challenges and have grown personally and professionally in surprising ways. It has truly been a life changing journey for us both.”

From Fat To Finish Line is the second documentary film produced by Media Meld Studios.


The team spans the country with members in: CA, NY, NJ, ME, MI, WI, CT, KS, AZ, OK and IL, and are available for interview. More about each teammate can be found at

For a full EPK or inquires, contact Dan Cotoia at (646) 368-9833 or

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