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From Fat to Finish Line is a support community for, and made up by, people of all shapes and sizes. We are interested in the pursuit of good health, keeping active, and training for (and crossing!) finish lines of all kinds. We have a variety of forums, blog posts, and motivating stories to inspire, inform and enlighten people at any stage of their journey.

From Fat To Finish Line was born from the documentary film of the same name. The film documents the journey of 12 people who shared the common bond of losing an average of 100 pounds each and who teamed up to run a 200 mile Ragnar Relay Race. The film was released August 2016. Learn more about the film.


From Fat to Finish Line is available for viewing on Netflix. The film is available for digital download or rent at iTunes. Available on DVD, BluRay and digital download at Amazon. Note: DVD and BluRay copies include bonus extras!
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The From Fat to Finish Line Story

Angela Lee and Jen Roe met in 1994 when they both worked for a daytime talk-show. Angela had moved to New York City three years earlier and had gained a significant amount of weight during her first high stress job. When a friend came to visit from Los Angeles and exclaimed upon seeing her, “My you’ve gotten fat!” she decided to make a lifestyle change. She began running and lost 50 lbs. Jen, on the other hand, was a cigarette smoking, tequila swilling, bagel with a smear, on-the-chunky-side, Jersey girl and gave little thought to health.

The duo worked side-by-side for more than a decade before temporarily parting professional ways.

In 2009 Angela and Jen reunited to form a production company. By this time, middle age was challenging both of them in the weight department. Angela still managed to run the occasional race but Jen was downright obese. Intrigued after seeing Angela run the Surf City half marathon, stuck a third of the way in an eventual 100 pound weight loss, and inspired by a self-help book, Jen decided on a whim to sign up for a half marathon.

Jen began to blog about her running journey and Angela became her biggest supporter. Jen credits much of her “keeping going” in those early days to Angela’s continual support and advice as well the support she got from blog followers. Many times she questioned herself and wanted to quit but this support kept her motivated and going. In May 2010, Jen, with Angela right by her side, ran 13.1 miles and crossed her first finish line.

Angela and Jen continued to run together. Early on they recognized the special thing it was to have a “partner in crime” in fitness. It made all the difference between tackling a tough workout or tackling a pint of Ben and Jerry’s. One day, Katie Foster from the blog “Runs For Cookies” invited Jen to do a Ragnar Relay race along with 11 others who had all lost significant weight and ran. Angela and Jen found a good story to tell and “From Fat to Finish Line” the documentary film project was born.

As they worked on the project, word of the film grew and when team captain Rik Akey suggested they start a Facebook group a community of people began to form. People from all walks of life and from all over the world began to bond together and support one another in their struggles with weight and running. They cheer each other on, celebrate one another’s triumphs and pick one another up when tough times strike. As the community grew, Angela and Jen felt excited, they had stumbled onto something much bigger than just a movie. Angela, Jen and the rest of the Ragnar team featured in the film know the positive influence they’ve shared in supporting each other in their own races, fitness, and weight loss. They recognized that this could be something truly great and feel a passion to make a safe and great place for others to connect. So they created this community and are developing an app with the sole focus of helping others to work on their goals and reach their finish line dreams.