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and empower individuals through running. Our goal is to provide our tribe the tools and resources they need to find their inner athlete, become mentally and physically strong, and achieve a healthier lifestyle.

When we set out to make a documentary film about 12 people who’d lost an average of 100 pounds through running we had no idea what the future would bring. Now a hit film on Netflix, From Fat to Finish Line is so much more. Our community is growing and every day members cross finish lines their former selves never could have imagined.

From Fat to Finish Line first started as the title of co-founder and CMO Jennifer Roe’s personal blog back in 2010. It chronicled her decision to train for a half marathon, which at the time sounded like a completely insane idea. She was still quite overweight and hated running. What she thought was going to be another failed attempt at something ‘stupid’ turned out to be the best decision she ever made. She trained, ran, and crossed her first finish line with her best friend and business partner, Angela Lee by her side and hasn’t stopped running since.

Because of her blog, she was contacted by fellow blogger, Katie Foster of Runs For Cookies. Katie explained that she and her friend Rik Akey were forming a very special Ragnar Relay team. The team of runners would consist of 12 different people, all who had lost a significant amount of weight through healthy eating and running. The race was a relay race that spanned 200 miles, beginning in Miami, FL and ending in Key West. Jennifer was deeply moved to be invited and immediately jumped on the team.

Filmmakers by trade and fitness enthusiasts at heart, the thought of documenting the team’s journey was irresistible so Angela and Jennifer set out making the documentary From Fat to Finish Line.

The race and the months leading up to it were an amazing bonding experience. Friendships grew, the team members cheered each other on when good runs happened, cried on each other’s shoulders when disaster struck and supported one another through hours of training issues and questions. As friends and runners who had all been through the common experience of learning to navigate old bad eating habits and new fitness and health habits – they were able to relate to one another like no one else could.

As the filming process continued the little documentary picked up some press including the Today Show, Runner’s World Magazine, Health Magazine, All You, Women’s Day, Huffington Post and NPR radio just to name a few. Because of that exposure, our Facebook film page began to grow. Rik Akey, captain of the original From Fat To Finish Line Ragnar team, started a special Facebook Group for people to chat about their fitness goals. Not only were these new members interested in the film but we soon realized how many other people just like us were out there! People of all shapes, sizes, and abilities were getting out there, setting fitness goals, and working hard to cross finish lines.

We found that the same “special” bonding that the original team had through the team’s common experiences could also happen with a bigger, wider community. The community continued to grow. More and more people everyday joined, lurked, celebrated and attempted new goals. Many pounds have been shed and many finish lines crossed in that group. It’s been quite remarkable to watch and be a part of.

This is what we are about. Dream big, be the healthiest version of you possible, support one another and make goals. Whether you are losing 100 pounds, running a 200 mile race or getting up to walk around the block for the first time in years, you can do this. We got you. One foot in front of another will bring you closer to your finish line. We’ll be here to pick you up when need be while cheering you on the whole way.


The founding management team not only lives the FFTFL lifestyle, they hold decades of experience in their respective fields of marketing, technology, finance, management, and operations. Meet the Management Team HERE.

We are a fitness community that provides an underserved, passionate and growing market of runners the resources they need to reach their health goals. We are not just owners of the community, we are the community. Understanding the struggles and unique challenges that our members face allows us to fill the gaps in the current industry. Our ability to relate to our members keeps us seeking superior ways of tackling the hurdles that often hold people back. Our company enables members to connect, get support, and remain motivated.


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